How quickly can you close?

As quick as 3-5 business days in some cases. However 10-15 calendar days is preferred in order to have suitable time for a smooth closing process. Expect longer timeline for 30-Year Rental Loan Products.

How much down payment do I need?

This depends if the loan is for acquisition or refinance. In many cases we can get cash out on refinances. On acquisition loans for fix and flip we can get as high as 90% of the acquisition price / value and 100% of rehab funds; thus leaving the borrower with only 10% down plus closing costs. Expect higher down payment options of 20% or greater for long-term rental financing.

What type of loans do you do?

Fix and Flip, bridge, refinance, cash-out refinance, commercial, multi-family, rental, new construction. We do not offer any in-house owner occupied or primary residential products at this time. Strictly commercial loans for business purpose.

What is your pricing like?

Pricing varies based on the market, asset, borrower experience, credit score, leverage, etc. We work with new investors with no experience and with highly seasoned investors. Pricing is available as low as 7.49% for short-term bridge loans and as low as 4.75% for long-term rentals.

How long is the loan term?

Typically, on fix and flips and bridge loans the loan term is 12 months with availability to extend. On commercial products we can get 12-36 months. We are currently offering a 30-year rental product as well.